• Nia Eales



National Sales Representative, Corrie Dury, returns to Cirque Du Soleil. Our liaison between Quatro UK and Quatro USA joins Mystére, a Cirque Du Soleil production. She says, "never think you can’t do something because you’re too old" and we agree.

Corrie was adopted by her parents, owners of a gym, in 1994.

Naturally, she joined the sport immediately. After 11 years at their gym, she moved to Maryland to be trained by Olympic coach Kelli Hill. She was named an alternate for the US Olympic Team in 2008 and shortly after became a collegiate gymnast at the University of Utah. After graduating in 2015, she retired from gymnastics with no intention of remaining in the sport as she felt “burnt out from 23 years of straight gymnastics.” As many of us know, the sport can be very demanding; physically and mentally. After some much-deserved time off and realizing a ‘normal’ adult job wasn’t her calling, she decided to give performing a go.

This isn't her first rodeo.

Corrie had been in the Cirque database for a couple of years before applying to Le Rêve (a cirque-like water show at Wynn Las Vegas), which ended up being her first show. Before choosing to be a full-time gymnast, Corrie was also a dancer. After finishing her NCAA career, she started to explore her love for dancing again by taking classes at the Millennium Dance Complex in SLC. Not being a gymnast was totally foreign to Corrie, so she started taking dance classes and choreographing floor routines to fill the gymnastics shaped hole in her heart. Corrie earned a spot as a soloist in Le Rêve and participated in small and large group acts. She says that the "vibes and energy you get from dancing/performing with others is contagious" but loves performing in general.

Corrie's attitude toward fitness is very healthy.

It takes a great deal of effort to remain fit and flexible enough for Cirque. Like many of us, she found it hard to stay motivated through the pandemic, when the future was so unknown. She took the time off to let her body heal and relax until audition opportunities started arising. She never wanted to make ‘working out a chore’ so she, wisely, built up her strength and flexibility gradually. Corrie wants to perform for as long as her body can handle it. She would love to raise a family during her career as a performer so they can watch her and be able to say that “they have a cool mom”.

It is never too late to follow your dreams.

With age, you become more aware of what your body needs and what it doesn’t. Although sometimes Corrie wishes she started her performing career straight out of college, she is thankful that she didn’t because everything seems to happen for a reason. Corrie will be balancing working for Quatro and Cirque Du Soleil with our full support.