• Jamie Scarlett

Meet Brazilian Trampolinist Camilla Lopes

Name: Camilla Lopes Gomes

Birthdate: May 27, 1994

Best accomplishments to date:

  • World Semi-finalist 2021

  • Olympic reserve athlete Tokyo 2020

  • Bronze medal at World Cup 2019

  • 2x World Championships finalist 2018/2019

  • 2x Pan Am Games finalist 2015/2019

  • South American Games Champion 2018

  • 6x National Champion

Life Goals:

Camilla wants to be the best version of herself every single day and she hopes she can share some of her gymnastics passion with QUATRO and young girls around the world...

An Interview With Camilla Lopes

1. How did you get involved in Trampoline gymnastics?

When I was 6 years old I used to take swim classes but still had lots of energy, so my mom signed me up for artistic gymnastics at a gym near my home in Brazil. At the gym, there was an in-ground trampoline and that’s where I wanted to spend the entire class. I would even get in trouble for skipping the other events because all I wanted to do was trampoline. A year later when I was 7 years old my coach told me to try out for the trampoline competitor team so that’s what I did. I made the team and haven’t stopped jumping ever since.

2. Making the World Championship team is exciting! What are your goals in the sport?

My biggest goal for the sport is making the Olympic team, and I was very close to fulfilling that dream in 2020. In the sport of Trampoline, sixteen athletes make it to the Olympics, and I finished seventeenth in the world. Even though I was just shy of making the team, I was the first reserve athlete slated to compete in the event someone got injured or sick. I’ve also made 2 Pan American Games finals and have a goal to medal at the next Pan American Games. I would also like to medal at the World Championships.

3. Obviously any athlete who’s achieved what you have in this sport has had to start taking that activity very seriously, very early in life. Can you tell me about that moment when you decided to fully invest yourself in trampoline training?

I was 18 years old when I made the Brazilian National Team and knew I needed a change in order to achieve the highest level in my sport. In 2014, at the age of nineteen, I made the decision to move from Brazil to the United States so that I could train at a better facility under the tutelage of 1996 World Champion and now coach, Tatiana Kovaleva. Ever since I made that decision, I’ve never looked back. My whole life revolves around trampoline from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.

4. What does trampoline training look like? Is it similar to artistic gymnastics training? For example how many hours do you train? Are you homeschooled?

Compared to artistic gymnastics, we don’t really need to train as many hours since we only have one or two events (trampoline/trampoline synchronized). My training consists of three hours of trampoline, plus one hour of conditioning with some added PT sessions and recovery time too. I train a total of 4-4.5 hours per day, six days per week. Before competitions, sometimes I do double training sessions but those sessions are normally a bit shorter (2 hours per session). As far as school is concerned, I completed two years of college in Brazil before moving to the USA, but I’ve had to put my studies on hold to focus on my training.

5. What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome in the sport? How?

I think I’ve overcome two big obstacles in the sport. The first obstacle I overcame took place in 2017. I sprained my ankle really badly and had to stay in a boot for three months. When I came out of the boot, I tried to come back for a competition too quickly and ended up developing stress fractures in my foot which put me out of training for another three months. After that setback, I was able to come back for Worlds, but five months later I ended up with more stress fractures. I learned my lesson the hard way and realized that I needed to take proper care of my body. After adequate rest, I was able to start training again pain-free.

The second obstacle I overcame took place this year when I came so close to making the Olympic team but missed it by one spot. I dedicated so much of my life to the pursuit of the Olympic dream so it was devastating when I came so close to making the team but came up shy. Fortunately, I had the best support system around me…family, friends, coaches, doctors, etc. to talk it out and they helped me understand that these setbacks are just part of the process. Upon returning back to the US from Tokyo, I took some time off to heal my body and mind and to re-think my goals. During that time I was able to fall in love with the sport again and I’m excited about what the future holds.

6. Favorite skills?

MILLER! It’s a double layout with a triple twist. The feeling of performing this skill is just indescribable.

7. Do you have a role model in the sport? Someone who inspired you?

I have a few! Irina Karavaeva (RUS), Li Dan (CHN), Rosannah Maclennan (CAN).

I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to compete together with some of them!

8. What advice would you give to younger athletes who might want to get into trampolining? Are there resources available for them to learn more?

Trampoline is still a “newer” sport, but there are a lot of gyms out there! I encourage young athletes to look for gyms in their area! Trampolining is an amazing sport that not many people know about but it only takes one trial (like me) to fall in love with it!

9. What’s your favorite memory in the sport?

Making my first semi-finals at the World Championships in 2018, and medalling for synchronized trampoline at the World Cup in 2019.

10. Where is the favorite place that you’ve visited for trampolining?

Switzerland for sure! It’s beautiful there! Another place I love that is totally different from Switzerland is Tokyo.

11. What do you like about Quatro?

I love how they make everything unique and special for the athletes. I also love the awesome quality of the leotards which are designed to make sure we can perform at our highest level and also SHINE brightly under the arena lights. From the color, to the fit, to the feel…every detail matters and it gives me the confidence to perform!