• Alex Morgan


If there is one thing that is consistent in the sport of gymnastics lately, it is change. There is a renewal, reboot and refresh happening in our sport and competitive apparel is now part of that journey. This was highlighted by the German Women’s Artistic National Team stepping onto the competition floor at the 2021 Basel European Championships in their stylized unitards. This bold statement was not only visual but also part of a movement to help athletes to feel confident, comfortable and to keep the focus on their performance and less so on their bodies.

The growing interest in unitards has been further embraced by former Olympians and high profile athletes, weighing in on the teams bravery and innovative spirit, with their support, through social media platforms.

"Feeling comfortable and still looking elegant, why not?” asked Sarah Voss on her Instagram account.

I think as people are staying the sport longer, obviously they’re not young girls and they’ve got voices, we are women, so to see them making a statement, and on an international stage… I think it was great to see” told British-Jamaican gymnast Danusia Francis on an interview to the BBC (26/04/2021).

Quatro Gymnastics celebrates that variety and personal preference should always lead the way for a team or an individual. Having the option to wear a unitard or a leotard is the best of both worlds. Quatro has been designing and manufacturing stylized unitards for the past several years for Team Gym, They look incredibly elegant and chic in their apparel and now the broader industry is seeing the benefit of wearing unitards.

Quatro has grown quickly through catering to our customer’s needs” said Joanna Vazquez, Founder and Owner of Quatro Gymnastics. “As a former gymnast, I know how incredibly important it is to feel confident and comfortable when competing in front of an audience. And as a mother of three young gymnasts, I really love the idea that the choice to wear a unitard is part of the future of our sport.”

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